We're the startup you're desperately looking to reject


We get it, you've got no time for cold pitches. You're crazy busy managing your AAA* portfolio.

We're probably not in your network so we're probably not worth knowing, but you're still reading this so good for you.

Why 100 No's?

We hear all the time that investors say no to a hundred businesses before they say yes to one. We want those hundred no’s under our belt in a month.

That’s a hundred hard no’s, not those easy does it “let me think about it and get back to you” soft no’s.

Here's some important info

We're early stage, revenue generating and looking to scale.

This is a Seed Raise so we're looking for early stage investors only (Angels and VCs).

Our favourite investor: A quick yes, we accept all major credit cards...

Second favourite investor: A quick no, hopefully with an explicit and transparent reason

Least favourite investor: A long drawn out umm… maybe… call me when you’ve done XYZ…

If you'd like to know more about us then check out our website, click here or just cut to the chase and download our pitch deck below.

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