Not another lousy startup pitch...

What we do

ThriveMap is a software tool that predicts culture fit by measuring the way that people like to work. You can find out more on our website ( 

Why We Do It

Employee turnover is costing the UK alone an estimated £4bn a year. 

46% of new hires fail in the first 18 months. Only 11% of new hire failures are due to a lack of technical ability. 89% of new hires that fail do so because of something else. Culture fit.

It's pretty simple. If someone works in an environment which doesn't suit how they like to work, they are more likely to be unhappy and want to leave.

Why the alternatives Aren't good Enough

Interviews- Interviews are fraught with inherent bias and inconsistency. We often select the candidate we most identify with, justifying "if they're like me then they'd be a good culture fit". This leads to bad hiring practices, homogeneity and discrimination. 

Personality tests- The science behind most personality tests is often disputed, and the correlation between hiring accuracy and personality test is shockingly low. Personality tests aren't intuitive for managers to understand without expensive training. Our tool was made by managers, for managers and is so simple my 6 year old niece could understand it.

How We Do It

We stopped and looked at the end to end decision making process, conducting our own research in accordance with team theory. We discovered 5 main categories that predict team fit, and by knowing peoples' preferences we can measure team harmony, assess someone's suitability and spot opportunities for increased team performance.

You can read more on the science behind ThriveMap here, or you can just cut to the chase and request a pitch deck.

ThriveMap helps us hire for team fit with real insights rather than a gut feeling