100 No's in 1 Month

Our mission is to connect with 100 different suitable investors with the capacity to invest in us, who just don't want to. We want each rejection to come with a reason why we're not good enough.

Each reason is something we can improve upon. It's a month of turbo-charged learning and we can't wait to hear your feedback.

We invest in teams with pedigree, with an unfair competitive advantage, in big markets.
— Every investor, ever

All VCs have a similar mantra to the one above. We think we tick all the boxes so here are some details below.

Headlines and highlights

  • We’ve an experienced founding team (check us out on LinkedIn here and here)
  • We’ve got early traction and revenue from enterprise customers (not just other startups) - more on this in our deck
  • Talent assessment and team effectiveness are both massive markets